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I am a faculty member at a comprehensive institution, UCCS, which is one of four campuses in the University of Colorado system (~10,500 undergraduates & 1,900 graduate students). My research and teaching are interconnected. My research primarily focuses on the social and ecological impacts of land use practices in spaces where agriculture and conservation overlap. My work relies on mixed methodological approaches which integrate social and environmental data with geospatial technologies. I purposefully bring research into my teaching of geospatial courses, statistics, urban ecology, and geography of Africa. One priority in my teaching is to create spaces where students can relate their stories to our current knowledge of how people, places, technology, and the environment are interconnected. I enjoy engaging in interdisciplinary research, and through my role as the Director of the Global Intercultural Research Center (GLINT) I am able to extend this beyond my own work. GLINT promotes and supports international, interdisciplinary and intercultural scholarship – research, teaching, and outreach.

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