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My teaching utilizes a “challenge and support” approach to encourage students to learn by doing. My teaching extends beyond the classroom, and in all settings I seek to create experiential learning opportunities that facilitate student growth. My teaching is shaped by, and responsive to, my students’ needs, objectives, and backgrounds. My goal is to draw from the experience that individuals bring to the class and create an inclusive environment in which questions are valued, learning is supported, and student potentials are realized.

Students in my courses engage in hand-on learning experiences connected to local community organizations. For example, students in my Introduction to Remote Sensing course and Urban Ecology course in collaboration and with support from the Audubon chapter, have collected bird count data and produced habitat maps for Colorado Springs. My courses use multi-cohort learning communities, collaborative research approaches, and shared intellectual experiences to provide high impact learning experiences for students.

I currently serve as Graduate Director for the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies. In this role I represent the department and its graduate program, teach graduate courses, and provide mentoring for graduate students. Our program offers a Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Geography with a range of potential focus areas, including: geospatial technologies, climate change, conservation, military geographies,  urban studies, and ecohydrology. More details about our graduate program can be found here and I welcome prospective graduate students to contact me at



  • Environmental Remote Sensing

  • Statistical Analysis in Geography 

  • Image Analysis

  • Urban Ecology

  • Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa 

Geographic Research Methods Seminar

Internet GIS

  • Digital Earth 

  • Field class: Development in Uganda & Rwanda        

  • Field class: Geography of Guatemala 

  • Caribbean Spaces and Environment

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